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June 24, 2014 Emails

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Atomic Email Verifier is fully integrated with other Atomic e-marketing tools. This means you can collect email addresses using our email extractors (like Atomic Email Hunter), transfer gathered emails to AMV to remove obsolete addresses, and then use our bulk emailer, Atomic Mail Sender , to send mass mail. Optionally,, Atomic Subscription Manager can automatically manage your mailing list and track all subscriptions and unsubscriptions. Atomic Mail Verifier is designed to provide a fast and reliable way of checking that all addresses in a database or email repository actually lead somewhere.

Features like:-

1. Though not the most elegant of applications I’ve tried, Atomic Mail Verifier discount coupon code  is certainly highly functional. Just import the mail file to load all of the addresses into the main window.

2. Now, you can verify the addresses by choosing one of the three verification models from the ‘Verify’ tab: by syntax, domain, or email address.

3. The program will quickly ping the addresses to find out if they exist or not, and highlight them in red or green depending on the outcome.

4. There are a few connection settings you can play around with too, but I found them pretty unaccessible and you don’t really get any explanations of what the all do.

5. Likewise, some of the other aspects of the interface are a little clunky. for instance, I was unable to find a way of deleting multiple addresses from the main window simultaneously.

This can save you a lot of hassle in when you come to send mail-outs, because it means that you don’t keep getting bounced messages and you can be sure that all of your correspondence actually reaches someone the other end. Buy Now: 

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